4 paź 2010

Rene character concepts


during my forced holiday I was soooo damn lazy that I only colored few sketches of my character for rpg Vampire: Drak Ages and Vampire: The Masquerade.. and I did it yeasterday! T____T I feel so guilty about that.. I had so many plans and I've done nothing.. shame on me..

about being forced for holiday - I hate it.. srsly. not that I love my job, but when I don't have my day to day routine I feel soo.. missplaced, kinda dizzy.. and I had to go to holiday cos my boss told me to do that, cos I had 20 days to spent.. now I got 12 lest.. geez.. ;____;

okie dokie, back to the subject:

Rene is an old vampire, born in 1312 in Castres (today France)
her full name is René Mont d’Marsan
at age of 12 became a ghoul
at age of 17 she became a vampire
in December 1489 during the siege of Almeria, René fell into an ambush decorated by Francois, who bribed her servants

and she fell into deep sleep

awaked in 1972
now she's part of squad in Barcelona

I written her story here, alas, it's in Polish, sorry ;)

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