14 paź 2010

s e r a f i n a


Serafin.. as in myths, she's got 6 wings.. but this winged creature is no angel ;)
her real name is Maya
she was born as a human but at age of 12 something has changed
now she's around 25 and looks like this
she has problems with speech.. frankly she sounds more like bird

her powers? well accept flying she can focus huge energy charge in her tail, hands and feet so her punches are pretty powerful ;)

she's not tall, around 5'5, very light.. that's part of being, ekhm, bird..

about this piece:
dunno why, but when I don't think to much I can draw something like this.. I haven't thought about proportions and such.. I just drew it...

pencils, pencils and more pencils
+ color saturation cos my scanner really hates me :|


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