22 wrz 2010



so so so
another fanart including rising star, Mr Kevin Durand who you should look after, because this guy is having now the best time in Hollywood :)

for a while I wanted to make some fanart dedicated to one of my fav western movie, "3:10 to Yuma" which is an remake of same movie from 1957, but I failed epically every time I tried to make one :>

so finally I can introduce you two, out of three, sidekicks:
Charlie Prince portrayed by talented Ben Foster who stole the show to old dogs, Christian Bale and Russell Crowe
Tucker portrayed by Kevin Durand who had his moment in this movie which captured my attention to him back in 2007 when I first saw this movie in cinema :) lovely voice! I'd set it in my mobile-phone if I could :>

third character that I wanted to portray is Doc Potter portrayed by hilarious Alan Tudyk, but I couldn't find decent photo reference, nor do I couldn't make one ;___;

about this piece:
first I draw it on a A4, which in the end was too small for all those detail I wanted to put in, so after scanning it with my crappy scanner, I re-painted it in CS3
I wanted to make it full color but in the end I thought that gray scale + some color will give me a better effect.. so I took red, color of Tuckers vest + I used it to color shadows.. dunno why, but again I thought that it will be cool :>

reference photos came from facebook + personal screencaps :> some photoshop brushes from adonihs - whole took me.. hmm.. 4 hours?

10 wrz 2010

XMenOrigins: Blob


Can't get enough of Kevind Durand and his awesomness :D
This time I present you Fred Dukes a.k.a. Blob

It was quite a challenge to draw him, because I've never draw someone soo.. erm.. big :> I draw hot guys and chicks, not ... this...
But it was fun and pain at the same time and a little bit of real satisfaction when I finally finished it. The reasons why I even started to draw this portrait are:
  1. I'm a fan of Kevin's works
  2. everyone else draw Wolverine, Wade Wilson, Victor Creed and the rest of hot guys and no-one showed, as far I know, some love for the big guy ;(
  3. I watched this - in one scene KD is doing kinda flirty look that killed me and I couldn't stop laughing :D I just had to draw it! :D :D Besides you should watch all of those 'featurettes' to apreciate actors, creators, makeup artists works, and guys, they really put much effort to bring to life our fave characters :)
Back to this piece, I wanted to combine the super-realistic portrait of Blob (based on a really poor screenshot) with the little figure of "war Blob" (according to creators words) drawed in more sketchy/american comic style but keeping KD likeness.

Ok, ok, so I skipped the hands :> you can sue me for that ;P
Sadly, the original drawing looks much more better - my scanner apparently hates me :(

7 wrz 2010

s h e e n a


About Character:
This is Sheena Altair, Black Fury, Galiard and she's a werewolf.
Born in France in 1971 of a human mother Sylvia and werewolf father who, sadly, turn into dark side and became Black Spiral Dancer. Now Sheena tries to hunt him down, get the revenge for death of her mother and clear her name.


Sheena Altair
Date of Birth/Date of Death: 1971/
Real Age/Age of Looks: 49/25
Place of Birth/Death: Paris, France
Gender: F
Race Origin/Species: homid/werewolf
Social Class/Proffesion: ronin/
Language: french [fluent], english [fluent], spanish [ok], keltic [ok], greek [ok]
Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: grandmother Amanda from Black Furies/ Yacoot from Silent Striders, Cath from Children of Gaia and Greyheart from Fianna

Physical Description

163 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Hair: red
Eyes: red
General Build: fit
Detailed Physical Description: she's very fit, very fit ;) she's got muscles but also she's a typical hourglass with some on the top and some on the bottom ;)
Typical Clothing/Equipment: mostly heavy boots, red coat-ish [THIS IS A MUST] and gloves with clavs/ lots of knives


neutral/she don't like males
Skills/Talents: good with knives
Favourites/Likes: she likes raspberry tea
Most Hated/Dislikes: vampires/macho dudes.. and dudes in general/her daddy and all Black Spiral Dancers
Goals/Ambitions: to kill daddy
Strengths: stubbornness
Weaknesses: stubbornness
Fears: to lost in Rage
Hobbies/Interests: polishing knives/cooking [she's a terrible cook]
Regular Routine: cleanup area from anything that is not a werewolf or human
Philosophy of Life: Make Earth a better place. Kill every vampire, Black Spiral Dancer, zombies and so on. For better good.
Attitude Toward Death: Huh? BORING :P
Religion/Beliefs: There is only Gaia
Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: she really likes her knives and she almost never takes off her gloves wich hides her deformation after Changeing into Crinos :>
Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience: her daddy killing her mommy before her eyes
Sexual Preference: huh? she don't heve time for such things
Education/Special Training: 2nd class of highschool/ very fast training for young and fresh werewolves done by Yacoot
Place/Type of Residence: some loft on south side of Paris
Occupation: courier
Place of Work: whole world?
Work-related Skills: stubbornness
Past Occupations: dancer, waitress, librarian, guard, student
Memberships: former member of SLAYERS SQUAD/ now she's a ronin

finally after long ages... no wait... only few months... or maybe whole year? dunno
but there was few wips of this piece.. I wanted to color it in PS but I failed at it: III, II, I - so I decided to color it with pencils.. in the end I added stars in CS3

personal note:
I think that mixing traditional drawing with a little bit of PS7 [or any other program] is not a bad idea since the most important thing is the final result, and I can say that this piece is in 95% same as I can see it in my head

sketch: danny shae


so this when there's not enough guys near me - gotta draw them for myself :>
you say: "wait, does she work in IT department with lots, lots of guys?"
but have you ever seen a handsome IT dude? neither I did ;) anyway, most guys at my work are taken or.. well.. ekhm.. where was I?

so, this is a sketch [obviously] of my npc for Werewolf: The Apocalypse in wich I'm not only rp'ing but also became a GM

Danny is a big, not very smart guy.. hmm.. when I finish that piece I'll tell something more about him :>