22 wrz 2010



so so so
another fanart including rising star, Mr Kevin Durand who you should look after, because this guy is having now the best time in Hollywood :)

for a while I wanted to make some fanart dedicated to one of my fav western movie, "3:10 to Yuma" which is an remake of same movie from 1957, but I failed epically every time I tried to make one :>

so finally I can introduce you two, out of three, sidekicks:
Charlie Prince portrayed by talented Ben Foster who stole the show to old dogs, Christian Bale and Russell Crowe
Tucker portrayed by Kevin Durand who had his moment in this movie which captured my attention to him back in 2007 when I first saw this movie in cinema :) lovely voice! I'd set it in my mobile-phone if I could :>

third character that I wanted to portray is Doc Potter portrayed by hilarious Alan Tudyk, but I couldn't find decent photo reference, nor do I couldn't make one ;___;

about this piece:
first I draw it on a A4, which in the end was too small for all those detail I wanted to put in, so after scanning it with my crappy scanner, I re-painted it in CS3
I wanted to make it full color but in the end I thought that gray scale + some color will give me a better effect.. so I took red, color of Tuckers vest + I used it to color shadows.. dunno why, but again I thought that it will be cool :>

reference photos came from facebook + personal screencaps :> some photoshop brushes from adonihs - whole took me.. hmm.. 4 hours?

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