4 paź 2010

h o w l i n g


or better known as Danny Shae - I'm terrible with titles :>

so again, it's a werewolf, my OC for Werewolf: The Apocalypse
he's from Fianna tribe, a Theurge which is weird cos he's a metis
a metis is a child of two garous and that means that his parents broke Gaia's first law and make his life really hard, cos other werewolves don't respect metises.. they call them mule
although some of them respect metises because of their high battle skills

well, maybe Danny is a not best warrior but when he catch you, you'll end up on ER ;)
he's got harelip which makes all his social situations very hard to pass



Danny Shae
Date of Birth/Date of Death: 1962/
Real Age/Age of Looks: 48/30
Place of Birth/Death: Lairg, Scotland
Gender: M
Race Origin/Species: metis/werewolf
Social Class/Proffesion: -/-
Language: Gaelic [fluent], english [fluent]
Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: as far I know, his family relatives are dead/ Yacoot from Silent Striders, Cath from Children of Gaia and Greyheart from Fianna

Physical Description

198 cm
Weight: 93 kg
Hair: brown
Eyes: gray
General Build: athletic
Detailed Physical Description: pff.. he's huge.. a healthy man ;)
Typical Clothing/Equipment: mostly t-shirt, maybe blouse when it gets cold, jeans, sport boots.. he's not very fashionable guy ;)/ kleive


Skills/Talents: good with talking to dead people :>
Favourites/Likes: he likes nachos, haggis, and lifting heavy things :D
Most Hated/Dislikes: vampires/mages
Goals/Ambitions: to settle down
Strengths: easygoing
Weaknesses: high Rage
Fears: to lost in Rage
Hobbies/Interests: lifting heavy things/cooking :D
Regular Routine: lifting heavy things - he works in docks
Philosophy of Life: do not get into trouble
Attitude Toward Death: there's no such thing as death
Religion/Beliefs: none - he's got enough problems with ghosts
Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: -
Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience: -
Sexual Preference: umm.. girls? :>
Education/Special Training: ghosts told him anything he should know
Place/Type of Residence: some basement near docks
Occupation: dock guy ;)
Place of Work: docks
Work-related Skills: physical strength
Past Occupations: -
Memberships: -

that's all folks :)

about this piece:
traditional drawing plus stars from resurgere

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