10 wrz 2010

XMenOrigins: Blob


Can't get enough of Kevind Durand and his awesomness :D
This time I present you Fred Dukes a.k.a. Blob

It was quite a challenge to draw him, because I've never draw someone soo.. erm.. big :> I draw hot guys and chicks, not ... this...
But it was fun and pain at the same time and a little bit of real satisfaction when I finally finished it. The reasons why I even started to draw this portrait are:
  1. I'm a fan of Kevin's works
  2. everyone else draw Wolverine, Wade Wilson, Victor Creed and the rest of hot guys and no-one showed, as far I know, some love for the big guy ;(
  3. I watched this - in one scene KD is doing kinda flirty look that killed me and I couldn't stop laughing :D I just had to draw it! :D :D Besides you should watch all of those 'featurettes' to apreciate actors, creators, makeup artists works, and guys, they really put much effort to bring to life our fave characters :)
Back to this piece, I wanted to combine the super-realistic portrait of Blob (based on a really poor screenshot) with the little figure of "war Blob" (according to creators words) drawed in more sketchy/american comic style but keeping KD likeness.

Ok, ok, so I skipped the hands :> you can sue me for that ;P
Sadly, the original drawing looks much more better - my scanner apparently hates me :(

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